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Our Mission

At Elite Xtreme, our mission is to develop happy, healthy, responsible athletes who value exercise, all while helping them to fulfill their athletic potential in a positive and safe environment that challenges them to be the best they can be!


In turn, your child will gain self-confidence, discipline, and physical fitness skills with the opportunity to make everlasting friendships throughout their gymnastics journey.


Our Vision

Elite Xtreme believes a gymnast coached with excellence is not only developed physically, but mentally. Our program offers supportive classical training to build well rounded athletes with emphasis on foundations and perseverance. This all-encompassing athletic program is designed to help each of our gymnasts cultivate life skills far beyond their gymnastics experience.

Our Classes

Picture of adorable dark skinned little gymnast competing on parallel bars. Hardworking ta
Young Gymnast
Girls Doing Push-Ups


The Ekids focus on strength, flexibility and fun! We prioritize safety and quality coaching so your gymnast will have the best possible experience in our gym. Most of these classes are designed for everyone, with no previous experience necessary.


At Elite Xtreme we offer each gymnast a positive experience according to their desire to learn, abilities and skillset. Our program produces gymnasts that have a solid mastery of foundational gymnastics, while giving them an opportunity to compete. 


We are proud to produce gymnasts that have a solid mastery of foundational gymnastics. Levels 1 through 5 are one of the many options we have to develop our gymnasts individually. Each athlete will be advanced according to their proof of mastery, independent of the previous level they have competed. 


Elite Xtreme offers a pathway for opportunities to pursue elite status within artistic gymnastics. With a foundation of strength training, proficient motion quality, parental support, and nutrition, these athletes are prepared to compete in the top levels and further their career as representatives of the  competition.

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